Success story

Case study - Warehousing

In 2017 one of the largest postal delivery service in Spain started working with us. By early 2019 we'd hired more than 4,500 Warehouse associates across 45 cities for them, including 500 hired during peak season.

The average time from requesting a vacancy to have a worker ready to work was 30 hours, and 99.7% of the vacancies were fulfilled on time. 30% of the requests were fulfilled in less than 6 hours!

In less than 2 weeks, we migrated their entire Payroll to our system, thanks to our platform's automation.

By late 2018 we integrated further with our client, providing them a sophisticated fingerprint clocking system directly integrated to our platform with automated customised monthly reports.

4,500 Hired in 2018
45 Cities serviced
99.7% Fulfillment on time
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