Success story

How to meet the demand of a growing company.

S ince its launch in 2013, Uniplaces has become the international reference portal for university accommodation reservation, with thousands of certified properties in countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and France.


In summer of 2017, Uniplaces counted on Jobandtalent to create an international team of Inside Sales to manage the university rents of all their countries in the course 2017-18.

To complete this process, we looked for bilingual and trilingual university profiles that could manage their accommodation reservations in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German, so that, in addition to the Jobandtalent DB, we take advantage of channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords to contact a younger target that would fit these characteristics.

  • 20 English
  • 5 Italian
  • 3 German


In a period of 10 days, 110 candidates were interviewed and qualified to finally hire 28 people.

Recruitment funnel

  • 110 Candidates
  • 44 Valid
  • 30 Hired

Thanks for trusting us, Uniplaces.

The experience with J&T was excellent. The whole process of selection and training of the staff has been fast, efficient and very personal. I would recommend J&T services without a doubt.

Samuel Toribio Giménez Uniplaces Marketing Manager
España - en