Success story

Increase brand awareness at a great public event.

F or more than six years Starlite has been striving to offer an experience beyond a music and entertainment festival. To reach their goal they need to have a qualified staff and this should not be an obstacle.


Starlite counted on Jobandtalent to cover a great number of positions in its enclosure in the quarry of Nagüeles. Qualified staff with different skills were required to attend the thousands of people who meet in the show.

  • 170 Lounge
  • 85 Ticketing
  • 40 Logistics
  • 12 Other


More than 1.500 sourced candidates, with near 1.000 of them interviewed, in a process that ended with 300 hirings

Recruitment funnel

  • 1.648 Sourced candidates Avg. time: 2 days
  • 976 Interviewed Avg. time: 5 days
  • 461 Valid Avg. time: 1 days
  • 300 Hired Avg. time: 1 days

Candidates qualification

  • 65% of the eligible interviewees are highly qualified.
  • 35% of the candidates were highly recommended to fill the position.
  • 24% of valid candidates.
  • Only 6% of low qualified interviewees.

Thanks for trusting us, Starlite.

We are impressed with the qualification of the candidates, the speed obtaining them and the attention on Jobandtalent's part.

Sandra García-Sanjuán Starlite Founder
United Kingdom - en