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About Us

Leaders in jobmatching

Founded in 2009 by Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navio and based in Madrid, Jobandtalent is the world’s leading job marketplace, with unique job matching technology and new staff management services. To date, Jobandtalent has attracted more than 10 million registered users and over 450,000 new users join each month, all via mobile.

We aim to democratize talent and eradicate unemployment by tearing down all the barriers to job search and hiring. With combined messaging, in-app hiring, staffing and payroll options, and big-data matching technology developed by a team of data scientists and engineers, Jobandtalent radically reduces the time to hire and ensures quality in a fun and engaging way.

With Jobandtalent, now the job finds you.

Key Figures

Constant growth worldwide

  • Nous sommes dans 8 pays

    We are continuing our global expansion and we now have job offers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

  • Leader in Key Cities

    We are leaders in jobs being published in key capital cities (London, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City and Bogota)

  • More than 80,000 workers

    In 2020, more than 80,000 workers have used Jobandtalent to find temporary roles.

  • More than 850 companies

    More than 850 companies use Jobandtalent to easily and efficiently match temporary roles with the right workers.

  • Hire in minutes

    Making the hiring process easier and faster is our top priority, that's why we are offering businesses the ability to hire in minutes. We’ll organise contracts and manage staff payroll for them.

  • Real-time Recommendations

    Our job matching technology enable us to recommend in real-time the right job offers to candidates, and the right candidates to businesses, making this process faster and more efficient.

How Jobandtalent works

Innovation for everyone

Our Mission

We aim to democratize talent and eradicate unemployment by tearing down all the barriers to job search and hiring. For a long time, jobseekers were discouraged by the monotonous and lengthy process of searching and applying for jobs offers on traditional job boards. We saw a way of making this time-consuming activity more efficient for applicants and companies alike. With our unique jobmatching marketplace, we have re-invented the job search process, allowing the right jobs to find the right candidates.

For companies and small business owners, Jobandtalent dramatically takes away the barriers to the entire hiring process. We offer free job posting, in-app direct chat with potential hires, and we'll even take care of staffing, hiring and payroll. Jobandtalent enables jobseekers and businesses to dedicate their time to the work they love, not the paperwork they loathe.

Politique de Qualité

JobAndTalent maintient à la pointe un service de gestion de la qualité, qui assure une satisfaction client dans chaque étape du processus, responsabilité et ressource mise à disposition, ainsi que la réussite de nos employés, tout en gardant une pleine conformité avec les autorités légales, et assurant une amélioration continue du business.

Détails de notre politique de qualité

Our Algorithm

At the heart of Jobandtalent is our innovative algorithm developed by our team of Data Scientists and Engineers. This technology combines different algorithms that interact in a learning to rank function, also introducing machine learning techniques to fine-tune the matchings. Our algorithm learns from the users and their interaction with the platform. We measure the effectiveness of our technology with a self-created industry performance metric: ATR (Application Through Rate), that measures the rate of applications that the algorithm generates per job view.

Our algorithm acts like a virtual recruitment consultant that analyses hundreds of thousands of jobs and suggests suitable vacancies taking into consideration our candidates’ preferences and professional profiles. Jobandtalent is, in essence, like a virtual headhunter, without the cost.

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