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Founded in 2009 by Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navio and based in Madrid, Spain, Jobandtalent is the world's leading digital temp staffing agency. Our on-demand staffing marketplace aims to make the labour market much more fluid and accessible by tearing down all the barriers to job search and hiring.

At the heart of our platform is our proprietary job matching technology developed by an elite of team of engineers and data scientists, which matches businesses and jobseekers in record time. Together with in-app messaging, scheduling, contract-signing and payroll, Jobandtalent radically reduces the time to hire while protecting all parties from legal risk.

Key Figures

Constant growth worldwide

  • We are in 8 Countries

    We are continuing our global expansion and we now have job offers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Mexico, Colombia, and Portugal.

  • Leader in Key Cities

    We are leaders in jobs being published in key capital cities (London, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City and Bogota)

  • More Than 10M Users

    We are trusted by more than 10 million registered users to help match them with the right jobs.

  • More Than 150,000 Businesses

    We provide an easy-to-use platform for both large companies and even the smallest businesses to find the right talent.

  • Hire in minutes

    Making the hiring process easier and faster is our top priority, that's why we are offering businesses the ability to hire in minutes. We’ll organise contracts and manage staff payroll for them.

  • Real-time Recommendations

    Our job matching technology enable us to recommend in real-time the right job offers to candidates, and the right candidates to businesses, making this process faster and more efficient.

What we believe in

Innovation for everyone


Since the start of the decade, the labour market has increasingly shifted from a structured state to a much more fluid one, driven by new technology propping up the gig economy, as well as businesses' demand for employment flexibility in the wake of the global financial crisis. However, this situation has had two negative, widespread effects.

First, businesses are plagued with workforce management inefficiencies: high recruitment costs and attrition, legal and compliance issues, and training and scheduling challenges are rife.

Second, workers are finding themselves in increasingly vulnerable and precarious employment situations, with temporary jobs on the rise, and a loss in potential earnings due to gaps between jobs and jobs not making full use of their available time.

Quality Policy

Jobandtalent keeps a Quality Management Service updated so we can ensure that every process, responsabilities and resources meet our client's satisfaction, succeed to our worker's expectations, keep full compliance with legal authorities and ensures continuous improvement of the business.

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Jobandtalent has created a Workforce as a Service (WaaS) platform with the aim of solving these problems and making the increasing flexibility of the labour market beneficial, rather than detrimental, for businesses and workers alike.

Companies no longer need to hire workers in their books, as they can hire directly through our marketplace to serve their demand more efficiently and reactively. Not only are companies able to make significant savings on labour costs, they benefit from more qualified workers and reduced attrition.

As for workers, they are employed continuously through various businesses on our platform, allowing them to earn a 'living wage'. Their schedules are also created to optimise their earnings and work-life balance. Finally, the scale of our platform will allow us to offer them a full suite of social benefits (insurance, pension plan, etc.) and perks usually reserved to those in traditional, permanent employment, as standard.