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  • We provide experienced, pre-vetted workers on demand
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  • Save up to 30% with the optimisation of workers productivity
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We provide workers to an ever-growing number of industries across the UK and have established ourselves as the go-to partner for gig economy businesses.

  • Retail

    • Cashiers
    • Sales Associate
    • Store Manager
    • Store Warehouse
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  • Logistics

    • Scooter Riders
    • Porters
    • Truck Drivers
    • Operators
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  • Warehousing

    • Shipping Specialist
    • Warehouse Worker
    • Stock Clerk
    • Merchandise Pickup
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  • Industrial

    • Assembler
    • Production Technician
    • Safety Technician
    • Plant Operator
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  • Call Center

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Tech support
    • Admin
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  • Construction

    • Builders
    • Carpenters
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
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  • Banking

    • Admin
    • Accountants
    • Business Developers
    • Customer Service
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  • Hospitality

    • Cooks
    • Waiters
    • Office/Cleanup
    • Delivery
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Qualified, highly productive workers

We can connect you to over 100,000 qualified, legally-compliant jobseekers - ready to start now. These individuals need to be highly rated by clients to continue working through our platform. Get started ›

Hands-off onboarding & training

We handle all on-boarding and training aspects (screening, interviews, assessments, etc.) and customise them around all of your requirements. Get started ›

Cutting-edge digital solution

Unlike a traditional recruitment agency, we allow you to hire and manage your workforce from anywhere through our online platform. Our team of engineers and data scientists make it their mission to match you with the best people in record time. Get started ›

Big data analytics to optimise performance

We analyse the correlations between the performance and the profile of the workers where we constantly identify and recruit the most successful ones. Also we leverage on our shifting and workforce management technology to boost their efficiency. Get started ›

How we can help

Hiring and managing your workforce can be costly and time-consuming. We can help you save and claim your time back.


    We will hire the workers for you and will take care of the payroll.

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    We provide you independent contractors and manage their invoices.

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Trusted by those who mean business

We help small businesses and high-profile brands alike to grow and achieve their full potential. More than 50,000 vacancies filled to date. Get started ›

We're changing the face of recruitment

  • Jobandtalent has recently begun offering a comprehensive staff management service that will forever change the way SMEs recruit.

  • Jobandtalent, a job matching app raises $42 million, backed by Skype founder fund.

  • We see Jobandtalent, in some years, as the major provider of employment. The biggest employment company in the world.

  • A unique feature is that recruiters can not only browse profiles of people actively seeking jobs, they can also hire candidates and manage their payroll through the app.

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